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Systems for sliding doors

The West 2 system of sliding and folding doors for wardrobes consists of a rail that a runner slides along and hinges fastened to the side of the door. The weight supported will depend on the number of hinges fastened.

For example, for a door with maximum dimensions of 2,500x500mm, it would be necessary to use 5 hinges and it would support an approximate weight of 20 kg.

In order to install the West 2 system for sliding and folding doors, it is necessary to choose between a runner with a hinge or a double runner. On doors whose height requires more than three hinges, it is recommendable to always use a double runner.

The quantity of hinges needed for each door will depend on the width and the height of the door, as well as the material it is made from. In fact, it can vary in some specific cases. The attached diagram can be used as a reference, where L is the distance between the hinges.

What should I choose, a runner with a hinger or a double runner, in order to assemble to West 2 system of sliding and folding doors for wardrobes?
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