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Hinges, stays and latches

The Revalock child safety lock for doors and drawers is ideal for preserving child safety, as it prevents children from being able to open furniture. Among other things, it is very useful for installing in caravans or boats, ensuring they are locked.

Its installation and functioning is very simple, a magnet (key) deactivates the lock and makes it open. It is also possible to block it, so it stops working and it is not necessary to have a key to open it. This is very useful when it is no longer necessary.  

How is it possible to lock the Revalock child safety lock without having to disassemble it?



The following video shows how you can easily install the the contemporary child safety lock, Revalock.

Yes, the Revalock safety locks have a template for the installation of each lock and an assembly instructions sheet for each packaging box.

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