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emuca - vida en los muebles

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Latest questions:

The following video shows how you can easily assemble the Gola-e profile for ovens.

No, it is only compatible for the Placard 81 system.

Yes, the current Ø50mm channel slider can be used with the new Placard 74 system but the gap for housing the upper and bottom rail needs to be increased from 74 to 77 mm in order to prevent the slider interfering with the inner divider or dividers.

It is only necessary to connect the machine to air with a pressure of 7-8 kg/cm2.

Yes, the converters with metal casing need to be earthed and include a specific terminal for connection.

The maximum recommended length of the installation of LED strips is indicated in our catalogue with a symbol on each LED strip.

The table outlines the maximum recommended length if the power supply is only provided via one length (a converter). It also outlines the maximum recommended length if the power supply is provided via both ends (two converters) that multiply by two.

Please note: To power the strip via both ends you need to create a special connection. Look up how can to ensure that the LED strip has the same brightness all along it.