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emuca - vida en los muebles

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Latest questions:

Yes, for panels of 16 mm thickness, is possible to use the module 500 mm Vantage-Q drawer.

Yes, it can be cut every 63 cm.

It also shows cutting marks in one of the strip sides, since it has a more transparent area where the darker side shows the cutting areas.

Since the strip has cables on the two sides, each strip has to be cut in 2 pieces, to have a cable on each side.

If you need additional cuts, the waste can be used connecting the strip with the 8 mm Lynx Q or the Lynx H cable or by welding the strip.

The minimum hole diameter to be made is 7 mm for the male Miniled connector to go through.

If you have a female connector, the hole has to be 9 mm.

Within the available sensor range, you can opt for a Red Eye or Point 240 V AC sensor or a Dot, Point, Micron or Twelfy 12V/24V sensor.

In the case of 12V/24V DC sensors, bear in mind they will need a set of 12V/24V DC sensor accessories to be easily and quickly connected. They may convert their connections from AMP to Miniled.